Account Questions – iPushSales Help Desk

Do I have sign up for all Platforms you offer?

No, absolutely not you can pick your plan and product platform base on your needs.  We do offer pricing discounts when you bundle our plans and packages.  If you ever have a question, ask for sale in our chat.

Can I upgrade as my need change?

Yes, you can upgrade or down grade your Plan at any time.  You can add additional beacons at time to increase your Campaign success.

Which beacon should I get?

This really depend on the type of marketing you intent to engage in.  We recommend a variety of beacons in any Marketing campaign.  The personal beacons allow friends, family, and employees all to be part of your Marketing team.  They are...

Why is there a setup fee on the beacons

Prior to shipping, all beacons are tested and setup for your specific account.  This save you time and start-up problems when you receive your inventory of beacons.  It is a one time setup charge regardless of the number of beacons in a...

What are your tech support hours?

We are in the Eastern time zone. Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. All support is handle via Support Tickets and Chat.  This way we can maintain records.