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How does Eddystone work?

Eddystone is an open communication protocol developed by Google with Android users in mind. Beacons that support the Eddystone protocol broadcast a URL (Your website or landing page) that can be received on Bluetooth-enabled smartphone whether...

What is Google Nearby? How does it work?

Google's "Nearby" allows users to discover nearby devices or contextual information without an app. Like your Beacons. they constantly "Broadcasting"  these interactions: nearby notifications. Google Nearby Notifications send...

How does Google Nearby Technology work?

Google's Android operating system continuously scans for beacon devices in the background. If it detects a beacon in the range, it sends queries to the Google's Nearby database to check if the beacons have any attachments. If a beacon has any...

When does Google look for the beacon signal?

"Google Nearby" scans for notifications when you press the lock/ unlock screen button (display wake up). bluetooth needs to be on and "Nearby" active.

What can I do with Google Nearby?

As the beacon Market grows, the use-cases also increases .  Use-cases showing Eddystone protocol to reach out to customers without the need of an app grow everyday as opportunity to integrate find it way into the market . Google Nearby scans for...

What has to be in place for a Google Nearby notification to be delivered?

Your users must have their Blue-tooth and location turned on. Most of the newer phones will have Nearby automatically turned on when they turn on Bluetooth. With older Phones, the Google Nearby has to be enabled for the first time. It is very...

From the Google Developer let them explain!

Nearby brings awareness of close-by smartphones, devices, and beacons to your app, using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultrasound. Deep dive into Nearby's cross-platform, peer-to-peer API, as well as upcoming functionality for...

What is a beacon?

A small self powered electronic device that transmits a signal containing its unique identification details. that are set by the beacon owner.  They can usually transmit from 3 ft to 900 ft depending on make and model.

Do Beacons send information to my phone ?

Yes. Beacons broadcast a signal that uniquely identifies itself.  A UUID number which is read by Apple devices or a UID number is is read by Android devices.  A mobile device can receive this signal. If there’s a purpose built app installed...

Do Beacons track me?

No. Beacons transmit a low energy signal and broadcast their own location. They are transmitters only,  The beacons themselves are not connected to any back end service and have no means of storing user information.

Will beacons capture my personal information ?

No. Again, beacons are transmitters only, they will not collect information. They store only a small set of data for self identification purposes. There is no large capacity storage facilities on beacons.

What is an iBeacon?

iBeacon is an Apple specific technology that enables micro-location services it is described by apple as “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.”

Will I need to pair with beacons like existing Bluetooth?

No. Bluetooth 4.0 which is used to communicate with beacons no longer requires you to perform pairing like you may be used to with existing headsets, sound systems etc… so no more waiting for ‘searching for devices’ and having to enter...

Can Android devices scan for Eddystone beacons in the background?

YES, Eddystone support background monitoring right now. According to Google, there is a native support for that with the release of Google Play services update (v7.8).

Can Eddystone wake up Android app?

Yes, it can.  It can even trigger downloading an app.

Can Eddystone URLs be translated by non-Chrome browsers?

Eddystone-URLs can be recognized only by browsers that support Eddystone-URL. Currently, the only browser with this support is Chrome.

Can the Eddystone "Push" content to a phone that has no app installed?

There are three requirements, all of them on a user’s smartphone side: It has to support Eddystone-URL (on Android, it’ll likely be native either with the Google Play Services update or when they launch Android M. On iOS it is...

Interacting with the Physical Web

The Physical Web enables quick, seamless interaction with beacons. If you want your beacon to link to a single web page, you can broadcast Eddystone-URL frames. This compressed URL can be read by Nearby Notifications, and by Chrome using the...

What operating systems are compatible with beacons?

All modern operating systems natively support BLE Push technology including iOS, OS X, Android, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and BlackBerry.