Product Questions – iPushSales Help Desk

Do I need to be able to code to use your starter Bundles?

No, not at all! With our IPushSales Platform, is intuitive cloud-based console, and with our knowledgable support team, anyone can easily implement a beacon Marketing Campaign with the our starter Bundle in minutes—without a developer’s help.

Can I use my own beacons?

IPushSales offers an end-to-end solution, and thus our platform can only be used with our beacon hardware at this time.

How long do your beacons last?

Each beacon,  is powered by a small battery, that will last up to 2 years at default settings, making this a highly reliable and long-lasting solution. We will replace any defective beacon within 15 days from the date of delivery at no charge....


Push Notification Campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with your customers even if they are not in the range of your Beacons, WiFi or Geofence. You can send Push Notification Campaign to notify your customers about a new promotion or event...


Each proximity campaign created on IPushSales can be delivered to your customers without the need to be in the range of a spot (Beacon, Wifi, Geofence). Once you create and set up your campaign there appears a button labelled "Push" in the...

Do you offer a trial for your product?

We offer a look, but not use type of trial.  you can login create campaigns and coupons, Landing Pages.  They not be published until you sign-up for paid account.

What does the IPushSales starter Bundles include?

The IPushSales starter Bundles comes with enterprise-grade beacons, the IPushSales beacons support IOS and Android, and access to our cloud-based proximity marketing and analytics console.. Purchasing the starter Bundles will give you access to...